Using ORCA to raise Climate Change Awareness

Skyflox Intro

To improve current Earth observation monitoring techniques Skyflox proposes  the use of a new platform, ORCA (Optical and Radio Frequency Constellations on Aircraft), by mounting sensors under commercial airliner aircraft . The use of this existing platform is not only sustainable but also solves issues such space debris, launch costs, and instrumentation lifetime limitations. ORCA, once deployed, will provide High resolution imagery over large geographical areas with an unprecedented revisit time, thus enabling new innovative services for a wide range of applications.

Technical Challenge

ORCA is a new platform that has great potential. Due to its revisit times (how often imagery is taken over a specific area of interest) it will become much easier to monitor changes in the environment due to climate change and Human interference (think of coastal erosion, urban expansion, deforestation, decrease in ice volume, drought extent etc) . The theme of today is to raise awareness on how climate change impacts our daily lives. Find a way to use ORCA data to increase this awareness, for example by creating a game for students, or by developing an app for the common citizen to observe daily changes in their environment.

Business/Operational Challenge

  • How will you connect the end user (student or citizen) to ORCA data
  • Which information can you best convey to the end user to indicate the impact of climate change on their environment
  • Think of ways to raise awareness across multiple platforms
  • Expected outcome example: see next slide

Expected outcome example:

A gamified experience, game, serious-game…

In case of game/experience/app: -Flowchart with impacts of climate change that can be monitored by ORCA (ie)…this could be given, see next slide -List of possible information per impact type that are most efficient to raise climate change awareness (ie….), example also on next slide –

Select one or more impact types for your game

Game setup for students or citizens that:

a) shows impact on their environment

b) Provides information on this impact (cause and effect)

c) Allows users to interact/ask questions about climate change or redirects them to correct information

d) Allows users to share this with their friends/social media

e) Includes advice on mitigation strategies for particular impact

In the case of a serious game we would additionally like to see (based on data received from users of the game):

– Which countries need more effort to discuss climate change /raise awareness (based on location data of user for example and amount of questions asked)

-Which target groups (students, citizens, teachers, seniors/pensioners, politicians…) need more effort to discuss climate change /raise awareness (based on age/profession/level of education of user for ex)

Possible data to provide

-ORCA capabilities

-List of GCOS Essential climate variables that are needed to support the work of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) and the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).