GOMspace Intro

GomSpace delivers turn-key solutions to its customer helping teams across the globe to achieve their goals in space. These include instruments, platforms, ground stations, operations and support services. GomSpace Luxembourg is creating its Mega-Constellations Operations Platform (MCOP) for autonomously operating satellite constellations. See more details at

Technical Challenge

Having tens and hundreds of similar satellites provides a great opportunity for machine learning algorithms to determine the nominal behavior of each component of the spacecrafts and their relationships. Can machine learning algorithms learn these patterns and warn the operators in case of possible anomalies?

Business/Operational Challenge

Reduce the number of operators per spacecraft by providing algorithms that reduce and enhance the operators job by identifying anomalies with at least the same level of reliability as a human operator.

Expected outcome example:

Simulate demo of machine learning algorithms identifying patterns and alerting on deviations based on time series from tens or hundreds of similar satellites.