Fusion of ORCA data for Sustainable Development

SkyfloX intro

To improve current Earth observation monitoring techniques SkyfloX proposes the use of a new platform, ORCA (Optical and Radio Frequency constellations on aircraft). By mounting sensors under commercial airliner aircraft, SkyfloX can provide high-revisit, high-resolution, and affordable Earth Observation data. The use of this existing platform is not only sustainable by making better use of existing infrastructure, but also solves issues such space debris, launch costs, and instrumentation lifetime limitations. ORCA, once deployed, will provide High resolution imagery over large geographical areas with an unprecedented revisit time, thus enabling new innovative services for a wide range of applications.

Technical Challenge

ORCA is a new platform that has great potential due to its large coverage and frequent revisits. To add even more value to ORCA data the plan is to combine/fuse the imagery with different types of data, think of satellite data, drone data, meteorological data, flight data or other. A combination of such data is especially useful for supporting the 2030 sustainable development Goals adopted by all UN member states in 2015 (Clean energy, Clean water, zero hunger, sustainable cities… ). To Fuse data is a challenge and will need efficient methods and interface to streamline the data to a viable product for the end user. Find which data sources would be most useful to fuse with ORCA, specifically for ends users in the field of sustainable energy and resource management (solar energy, bio energy, wind energy, water management for ex) and determine the way they could be best fused and directed towards the end users.

Business/Operational Challenge

-Select an application in the field of sustainable energy that could use an ORCA fused product

-Determine the information the end user would most like to receive from this data fusion product

-Find which fusion of data sources would be most useful for this application -Set up analytics dashboard / dataviz interface with preliminary business plan

Expected outcome example:

Analytics dashboard, dataviz interface, preliminary business plan

– Start by mapping fields of sustainable energy and resource management

(for ex solar energy, bio energy, wind energy, water management….)

– Evaluate where an ORCA product can add most value and go in greater depth for that field

a)for example for solar energy: solar power forecasting based on cloud coverage or sun intensity/detection of defective solar panels/solar panel demand

b)Water management: monitor use of water during drought/monitor use of water by agricultural sector…

c)New non-existing applications are welcome

● –Choose 1 application and find which fusion of data sources would be useful

a)For example: For solar forecasting combining optical imagery from ORCA with meteorological data would be useful

b)Usage of water: fuse with precipitation data, seasonal river discharge data

Determine the information that the end user would like to receive

For example in the case of solar power the user would like to receive predictions (%) of expected solar power next day. In the case of water usage, the user would like to see usage through time, maximum usage allowed…

– Set up preliminary business plan for such an application

Final outcomes:

-Analytics dashboard/dataviz interface for end user to find ORCA data and other data sources, ability to fuse data of choice, extract fused product

-Business plan pitch / slide deck

Possible data to provide to team

-ORCA capabilities and products

-2030 UN sustainable development goals