About ODYSEUS Space

Founded in Taiwan in 2016 and in Luxembourg in 2019, ODYSSEUS is developing key Small Satellite technologies for enabling cheaper and faster Space resources prospection missions.  While most of the company’s activities used to be providing expertise support to small satellite customers, it now focuses on laser communications and autonomous navigation technologies development, addressing the currently growing market of small satellite constellations and paving the way for future Small satellite Space resources prospection missions.

ODYSSEUS can be summarized in three words: Solve · Connect · Explore.

Business/Operational Challenge

ODYSSEUS plans to target the first section of the Space Resources Utilization (SRU) value chain: prospection. To do so, the company plans to orbit NEA (Near-Earth Asteroid) with Small satellites, to collect useful data for SRU and then to sell them to, for example, actors addressing other parts of the SRU value chain (e.g. mining, transporting, refining, manufacturing, supplying).

The challenge here is to know which data (topographic, resource type, granularity, etc.) would be the most valuable, for which customers and with which mission profile (e.g. orbiter only, orbiter + lander, single asteroid mission, multi-asteroid mission, etc.) and how to obtain data (in-situ only, orbiter only, combination, etc.). 

Teams can refer to this document for additional inputs:

Expected outcome

A Space Resources Prospection plan including: -Overview of most valuable NEA data to gather with Small Satellites -Overview of potential customers (within or without the SRU value chain) -Analysis of different mission profile approaches to get the most cost-efficient mission.

The participants are free to show the results as they want. It could be in, for example, a matrix form or any other relevant format.